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Creating a 3 dimensional wrap


Cubic Print – We specialise in top quality Cubic print finishing

We have 30 years of decorating experience using water borne film, on which bespoke designs can be printed. The potential range of Cubic Print finish is infinite.

4Cyte have been working with Cubic Print since 1988 Films of any design are floated on water to print parts using the surface tension of the water to create a 3 dimensional wrap.

Parts can be finished with a high-gloss, gloss, matt or soft feel lacquer. The process has been widely used for automotive parts, both exterior and interior and in a wide range of marine and aviation applications. It has also been popular on mobile telephones, consumer electronics, domestic fittings, sports equipment, fashion accessories.

We have printed a wide range of items from dustbin lids to car and boat dashboards, from cricket bats to first class aircraft seating arrangements and from instrument bezels to crossbows.

Parts processed by 4Cyte are flying around the world on commercial aircraft, driving about in cars and sailing and motoring on the seas!

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